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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What's In My Purse?

What do you have in there? asked Andrew the other day as I was rummaging through my purse looking for a pen.

A pen, I said.

And what else...?

I get defensive about things like this. Just stuff I need, I told him.

Stuff I need.

Like a pen (or five), my wallet, a paperback novel (mystery) in case I get stuck somewhere.

A hairbrush, some hair ties and kids hair clips for emergencies.

My Ipod, some tylenol I never use, a notebook.

Some scouting forms that need to be filled out. Some scouting badges that have not yet been sewn onto sashes.

My cell phone.

A list of books I want to read in case I find myself near a bookstore.

A Magic marker (aka Tide To Go, which I'm not convinced really works, but which I feel more responsible for carrying).

My Toastmaster's name tag. A small mirror. A lipstick and a chapstick.

Some gum. My two flash drives. Some old grocery receipts. Another hair tie.

A corkscrew. Never leave home without one.

And today, a DVD that needs returning.

Maybe Andrew is right. Maybe I could clean it out a bit.


I tossed out the old grocery receipts and returned the DVD.

That's better!

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