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Friday, June 5, 2009

Into the Meadow

I took a walk through the meadow last night.

Yes. The meadow.

This is the temporary gate where Andrew was fencing.

And this is Lady on the other side of the gate, cautiously eying the electric fence.

No Way I'm going near that, she's saying.

She's been there before, up against the electric fence, and now is very wary.

She won't go past, even if I know it's off and go over it.

She won't go past if the gate is open

She won't even go past the place where the fence used to be!!

I mean, honestly! It can't be that bad. Grace has touched it three times.

So this is the dog running down the lane and through the meadow on the other side of the electric fence.

I don't come into the meadow much. This is the view the sheep have all day long. Maple trees lining the driveway. Lucky sheep.

And in case they feel the need for spiritual salve, there is the spire of St. Margaret's across the river.

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