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Friday, June 26, 2009

Suddenly Getting Country Music

Not a huge country fan here. I liked it enough as a teenager, but don't really listen much.

But last night, I understood suddenly its appeal.

You should know it's boiling hot right now in Ontario, and I got home from work to a house full of wired kids on their first day of summer holidays. We rushed to get their soccer stuff on and rushed to soccer - only to discover it had changed nights to accomodate the school prom.

Had I checked my calendar, I'd have know that.

The air conditioner in my van just broke, so I was driving Andrew's Golf, and on the way home, feeling slightly out of sorts (a feeling not helped by ERik in the back saying "well, it wouldn't have happened if you were more organized!" - he's right, but needs to learn to pick his battles!) so I turned up the radio to hear a country CD mix Andrew had made.

And let me tell you, nothing beats stress like singing along to cranked country music while driving too fast along country roads.

Give me two pina colada, I want one for each hand - yep this sounded good
Set sail with Capt. Morgan, though we never leave dry land - I'm there with you, Garth!

Felt MUCH better when I got home!

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