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Thursday, January 8, 2009


We played monopoly with the kids last night.

The Clone Wars version - which meant I got to be OB1-Kenobi.

And I think it gave me an insight into the children's respective future money habits.

Erik is very meticulous. His money is laid out by colour and denomination, and each bank note (sorry - I mean Republic Credit) has to be laid down the same way each time.

Anna lays her credits out by denomination too, but cares less if they are all face up, or back to front as long as they're in the right pile. She also is very aggressive about making sure she gets paid what she is owed!

And Grace, well...Just add it to the pile, she tells you, gesturing to the wad of bills spread across the table before her. A total shambles.

But then, at bedtime, she was the one with the most property and if she hadn't insisted on outbidding her sister and buying a piece of galactic property at twice its value, she'd probably have had the most cash on hand too.

Except for me of course. I'm well known for being tight fisted - even with Monopoly money!

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