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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kitchen Renovation 2008 - Part 2

Thursday, Feb 7, 2008

Someone someday will wonder what on earth possessed us to tear out the beautiful wide plank pine floors in the kitchen. I know because it’s the sort of thing I would say. Here’s why: There are wide cracks between the planks that allow for food to fall in and in a kitchen that’s a bit off-putting. Also, the kitchen gets so much traffic - kids, dogs, boots, dropped logs for the fire, not to mention the salt and sand and snow and general debris that gets tracked in on a daily basis - and the floors are beat. We need a harder surface. The tiler was round estimating and I think we’ll go that route.

Andrew is now pulling off the plank walls, and the lathe and plaster underneath, sending clouds of dust into every corner of the rest of the house. It’s a mess. Everything is a mess. The kitchen is a mess. We can’t cook. Thank heavens for take out!

Under the old walls we discover the insulation techniques of the 1800’s. There were none. Not one particle of insulation exists – it’s surprising the house stays as warm as it does, and makes that draft that creeps in when the wind blows from the east seem fairly innocuous. So add insulation to the list of things to buy. May as well insulate while the walls are down.

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