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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Fantastic Fifteen

It's not that I forgot his birthday. I didn't. But the day was a rush as he and his sister were leaving on a school band trip to Toronto to see the incredible Ben Hepner in the musical, Titanic (the kids raved about it after).

And from there we raced north for a weekend in Creemore and to take our youngest to a provincial oratorical competition in nearby Barrie.

And this week was a blur of excitement with things going on that I hope to talk about soon.

Suffice to say, that his birthday celebrations sorta got lost in the chaos. 

Oh we had birthday lemon meringue at a Great Aunt Elvina's in Toronto. And his sister and best buddy from school took hm shopping in Toronto for presents (a Darth Vadar coffee mug from Anna; a Vadar watch from John....I sense a theme here😀)

But I never really got to celebrate with him. First birthday ever I never spent with him (yeah, a little sniff there!).

He's at the age where he doesn't want me waxing poetic about him. So I won't.

Except to say this: Happy 15th birthday to my eldest. You rock!



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