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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Road Trip

8 books
5 provinces
5 people
1 Westy
10 days
= 1 Fabulous Road Trip

Andrew and the two oldest kids drove out West earlier this month in an old Westfalia. They were headed to Sylvan Lake, Alberta for Scout Camp - the Canadian Jamboree 2013, and had a great week out there with 6000 other scouts.

Our youngest and I flew out to Calgary the day the camp finished and we spent the next week or so driving back to Ontario, staying in a variety of campgrounds in every province, and giving the kids the opportunity to see just how big Canada really is. And how beautiful.

Lake Louise

Canadian Rockies

Drumheller Badlands

Cheesy Dino shot

Manitoba Moose

Gitchee Gumee
The kids enjoyed the trip, though were happy to get back to Ontario again. Each province has something new to offer, some new vista to admire, some new terrain to explore. We had booked provincial parks ahead of time, but found that our meandering schedule made it difficult so we threw that plan out of the window, and except for the two end point of our trip (Banff - where we had a condo for two nights - and Lake Superior - where we camped for two nights on the beach) let ourselves enjoy the luxury of stopping wherever luck or exhaustion left us. This meant we got to experience some fun camping experiences, such as the RV resort in Manitoba where a pool and tikki bar were lovely surprises, and where the sunrise over the lake in the morning was unbeatable, as well as a night or two at a hotel, just because we felt like it.

Home now, and already planning next summer's road Labrador and Newfoundland.


Adi Tunkl said...

Nice Pictures thinking of you's often.Looks like you had a good time.

Leanne Haines said...

Sounds wonderful! A dream vacation on our wish list, too!