View From The Glen

Saturday, July 13, 2013


It has been 20 years since I was last (and first) here and I am as in love with the mountains as ever. Driving up from Calgary this afternoon, and heading gradually into the mists of the foothills and then up into the winding mountain highways makes them seem elemental and natural; the rise and slope, hills and valleys of the Rockies.

Majestic and beautiful.

We rode up in the Gonola last night and watched the sun set, and then came back into town to eat and relax at the condo. We sat for a while and listened to a cellist playing on a street corner.

This morning we are going for a bit of a hike. Tonight, we are going to Saltlik, a fine steakhouse, to celebrate my new position as full time faculty that I heard about just before flying out here. And tomorrow, we are off to Drumheller to camp at the Dinosaur park.

We will leave behind the mountains. But will remember them always. Mountains do that to you.

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