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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Should Know Better

I should know better about lots of things probably. But certainly, saving work done on a computer ought to be top of the list. But tonight, waiting for Anna at karate, I drafted a blog post on my ipad and then closed the app without saving and now it's gone.

So mad at myself.

As a result, if you want to know about...

  • my cathartic rant regarding attendance, assignments and grading at the college level;
  • how I managed to convince my son I am mad, and my colleagues I am hilarious;
  • my little hint at an upcoming diatribe on plagiarism and guillotines;
  • the AMAZING creative projects I have received this week from students who have inspired, surprised, and impressed me, and my thoughts on the value of independent projects; 
  • how I plan to spend the month of May now that I am primarily off work; or
  • the delicious salad I made for dinner tonight
...I'm afraid you are out of luck. I'm not rewriting. I might offer it up in dribs and drabs. But for tonight, I am done. Now....there is a glass of wine calling my name.


Julie said...

So now we are all (your loyal readers) supposed to be frustrated also. Just kidding, being less than technically savvy, I get annoyed at the computer many times a week.
Best news, it is almost the weekend. Have a Great One.

Sasha said...

Ugh. Yes. There is NOTHING worse than trying to rewrite a piece of lost brilliance.

TracyRosen said...

Ohhh...That has happened to me, Hate it. Definitely glass of wine worthy.

TracyRosen said...

Oops...I think I thought the same thing had happened to my comment as what you wrote about and I double-posted it...sorry!