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Sunday, April 14, 2013


I am feeling, if I can be candid, a near complete lack of energy. Or maybe, instead, its a form of malaise, the kind that hangs over you not really stopping you from doing something, but stripping you of the motivation to do anything.

It's been a non-stop few months at work that have been quite intense. All this mental invigoration leads, naturally, leads to a fatigue of the brain, and at the end of the day, I often come home and want to crash, post-dinner, on the couch with the dog.

I can't actually do any of this post dinner, of course, for there is running the kids to scouts, karate or swimming, and by the time that is all over, it is already 9 pm. But this, so far, is not abnormal. Work hard, come home, relax for the evening has been my mantra since my early days in the workplace. But where I used to settle in with tea (or wine) and a new (or old) book, these days, even that seems like too much work and instead I flit through my I-pad, clicking on wonderful Twitter links and articles that are interesting but which demand little real attention. My ability to pay attention has diminished.

Then there is the weather. Even back in February, I'd be out in the evenings on snowshoes. By March, Winter has lost its charm, and the cold wind seems too harsh, the frost too sharp. Easier to stay inside.

So starts. Less technology, more books. Less work, more relaxation. Less laziness, more activity.

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Bibliomama said...

SO with you. My husband got me an ipad for Christmas, and it's been both curse and blessing because I always go to bed and read - somewhere around half a book, often, but now there's this thing within easy reach that means I can surf or watch Buffy until it's too late to read more than a few pages. Need to reign this in. Going to walk on the treadmill right now. Uh, while watching Buffy on the ipad. Baby steps?