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Sunday, November 4, 2012

November is....concert month

 There have been a handful of concerts I have seen in my life, and I have enjoyed them all, however, I don't usually go to concerts. Sometimes I hear about them and want to go, or think about going, but rarely actually bother. I wanted to see Springsteen in Ottawa last month...but not enough to fight for tickets when the box office opened.

But the concert stars have aligned this month, and there are a bunch of concerts I am planning to see right here at the Aultsville Theatre.

Tonight was this stand up comedian....a last minute idea when I heard him on CBC radio the other day. He was very funny.

Coming up soon are these guys.

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings

I saw them at the United Church in Creemore, Ontario once at a benefit concert (the same church and benefit series at which I saw Garnett Rogers (brother to Stan Rogers), the Barra Macneils, and Murray Mclauchlin....quite possibly my biggest three year stretch of concert going ever until this month.

Oddly enough, the next concert I want to see is Stan Rogers' son, Nathan, singing a tribute to his late father.

And in early December, I am taking the kids to see our favourite East Coast Christmas singers...the Barra Macneils again.

So it just happens to have all come full circle since my years in Creemore over a decade ago.

In the name of full disclosure, the only other concerts I have seen are: The Spoons (remember them? I barely do) during high school; a Michael Jackson tribute when I was in Junior High; Sarah Maclachlin (twice), Bare Naked Ladies, and Rita Macneil when I lived in Halifax (at the marvellous Cohn, the Flamingo Nightclub, and the Civic Centre, respectively), and a Chris de Burgh concert that my two navy buddies took me to when I was 19. That's it, really.

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