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Friday, November 16, 2012

My dearest Creature...and other things

Love 'em, I do.

But they are camping tonight, and I am home alone.

By the fire. With wine.

And music.

A stack of papers to mark (but a short stack...)

And a literature course to update - I found some really great resources that will hopefully spark some deeper thought and analysis for my students this winter.

Later, I have a book to read. An old classic, falling to bits, that I pulled off my shelf around Hallowe'en to re-read.

And oh, I had forgotten how funny it is. How subtle and ironic and hilarious the writing is. Forgotten how this book, for a period of time, had a friend and I treading the hallowed halls of Kennebecasis Valley High School in gales of laughter at the ridiculousness of the language, the relationship, the wit. For a short time, all the notes we exchanged were addressed thusly: My Dearest Creature....

My dearest creature....I would write. I don't know why it took you so long at your locker. Do you want to walk to the store and have lunch?

My dearest creature.....she would write back. Physics is taking such an age. Do you think Mr X will ever stop talking?

Etcetera. It all came back to me in chapter 6. The foolishness of being 16.

Anyway. That's my plan tonight. Mark. Plan. Read.

(Wait a second - it does sound remarkably like many other nights. What a gripping life I do lead!)


Sasha said...

Now I'm trying to remember - have I read this? Does it start with an orphan, raised by decidedly unfriendly charity, sent off by an Aunt(?) for her "ingratitude"? Or is that Jane Eyre????

Denise Nielsen said...

LOL Sasha - That's any number of books of this era! Northanger is kind of making a mockery of the gothic a a Jane Austenway.