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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Still Time

We had a wonderful four days away at the cottage. Got in some sailing and some swimming and some kayaking and some reading. And that is what it's all about for me. I've blogged about the cottage so much in the past. The beautiful Canadian Shield. The land. The water.

I always come back refreshed and happy (albeit with a general feeling of exhaustion from packing too much in) and ready to face the world again.

Summer wanes - it always feels that way after the Highland Games. But the Williamstown Fair - the oldest fair in Canada - is on this weekend and we're all set to spend the afternoon there on Friday. I don't expect to see the kids at all, but the consolation is of course that there will be plenty of other people I know to socialize with. And a beer garden. (Now, if only I drank beer! Or if it were a Shiraz garden.)

But there is still time.

Time for swimming in the pool. For a few more dinner parties with friends on the veranda. For sitting and daydreaming on a warm and lazy afternoon. For reading and relaxing in the shade. For watching the kids run and play and grow (yes, I can almost see them growing this time of year) and having long casual conversations over iced lemonade when the midday sun is at its hottest.

Still time. Summer is not over yet.

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Bibliomama said...

I have that same feeling, coupled with frustration that I'm too post-travel exhausted to do anything right now. Eve and I are on our own for the week-end and I have NO IDEA what we should do. Whimper.