View From The Glen

Sunday, August 26, 2012


This is really it....the last week of summer. It's still very warm - warm enough that I turned the A/C back on over the weekend, after a few gorgeous, breezy, cooler days mid week - but there is no denying reality any longer.

Back to school shopping happened yesterday and the girls spent this morning sorting out their supplies. Scout meetings are being organized and we had the group over for a planning meeting and barbecue on Friday night. I'm back on campus Monday to Wednesday this week for meetings, and the kids are planning a mini camping trip sometime in the next few days because I promised them they could do an overnight on their own this summer.

And so here we are, with just a few more days to go....

I love summer.

But as everyone who knows me is aware, Fall is really my favourite season. So while part of me is saying noooooo because I love summer dresses and lazy mornings, grilled salmon, and strawberry daiquiris, part of me is mentally brushing up my wool skirts for work, digging out jeans and a chunky sweater for weekends outside, and thinking about making boeuf bourguignon and sipping rich red wine the colour of maple leaves.


Julie said...

Techincally, it is still summer for the first three weeks of Sept. and I am in no hurry to dig out jeans and sweaters and certainly, not jackets.
Bring on more summer - even if the real (working/school) world is interferring with it for you and the kids.

Katie Mellors said...

Rich Red to a tee. Also, didn't someone write a song about that?

Denise Nielsen said...

That was red red wine, K. Close though:)