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Saturday, April 9, 2011

On My Own

What does a Saturday on your own look like? Here's mine:
  • Drink coffee, kiss husband and kids goodbye and watch them drive away to camp.
  • Check emails, twitter, facebook
  • Drink more coffee
  • Tidy kitchen, throw in laundry, load dishwasher
  • Morning run, followed by hot shower and more coffee, on back steps, facing the warm morning sun
  • Figure out what to wear to a writer's conference on a day that is neither cool enough for pants or warm enough for bare legs
  • Writer's Conference, hang out at library
  • Treat myself to a Cafe Latte and lunch, read a book on my kobo at the coffee shop before heading home
  • Hang laundry, do a garden reconaissance, figure out what needs to be done, make a list
  • Read on the deck in a lawnchair for a blissful, precious hour.
  • Write
  • Decide some work is in order so head back to garden to rake away some of last year's foliage and reveal new shoots :)
  • Walk the dog through the fields, shout back at the nosiy snow geese, wish I had my camera
  • Read
  • Write
  • Open Wine
  • Listen to opera. Loudly. While having a long lesisurely bubble bath
  • Eat scrambled eggs
  • Blog
  • Watch a chick flick - Eat Pray Love tonight. Will it hold up to the book (which I quite enjoyed)?
The End

(my plans to have dinner with a friend and then head to the arts evening fizzled after I raked my gardens and realized that what I really wanted was some down time. So lovely.)


Anonymous said...

wa-hooo must have been a great day. Didn't think you still had time to write...

Anonymous said...

Oops - it's me, Janet. Should have said that in last post. I'm away and don't have my log-in codes with me:(

Leanne Haines said...

A Saturday on my own? I have no idea what that would look like! Yours sounds glorious! I do have often have weekdays on my own that I clearly do not use to their best advantage. I need to be more conscious of time and how I use it, and not just let it pass by without making the most of it. Thanks for the reminder!