View From The Glen

Sunday, April 3, 2011

On Guard

We have a ton of lambs outside. Mewling and bleating and skipping and gamboling. There is a game they play where they creep up to the sleeping guard dog. Closer and closer and closer of the lambs dares to touch her and--


They scatter, the dog goes back to sleep, and five minutes later the lambs come creeping back.

Tundra is our guard dog, a beautiful Great Pyrenees whose gentle nature with the kids, the lambs, and our house dog is matched by a fierce and protective ferocity when coyotes come near. Seriously, we have seen her rip a coyote into shreds. Since we got her we have had zero kills among our little flock. And that's good news.

But I wonder sometimes, what she is really thinking? Protect the little helpless lambs?

Or Dinner?


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, she is GORGEOUS!! Actually they all are. I'm a little envious of this.

sheila said...

WONDERFUL post! We've got a St. Bernard who looks at many things at lunch. Or toys. lol. Your baby might be a tad bigger than mine though! I'm enjoying your blog. :o)