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Friday, July 9, 2010

Week's End

I've neglected blogging this week. Caught up in a maelstorm of epic proportions, I have been busy, stressed, despondant, angry, sad, wired, and unfocused in quick succession.

It's wearing off now and as I sit with my glass of shiraz (thank you Wolf Blass), and get hand-fed ciabatta bread toasts topped with pate and chevre, I am winding down from my week.

BUSY: It started off beautifully with a business trip to Lachine Rapids in Montreal where myself my boss, his boss and two colleagues enjoyed the thrills and waves and chills of jet-boating through the rapids on a hot day. This was followed by an afternoon and evening of sangria and dacquiris, wine, crepes and cheescake on a shady, jazzy patio in Old Montreal discussing innovation. Not a bad start to the week really.

STRESS: Or it wouldn't have been if Andrew hadn't called to tell me that while he was haying, our mini van - parked on the driveway - had spontaneously burst into flames leaving us with one car. This might not sound too bad until you recall that where we live, one car is not an option. It meant for example that I had to get up early (4:30 am) to drive Andrew to work on Tuesday morning when I was already tired from my busy day in Montrea.

DESPONDANT: And then there was the feeling that I had bad karma - first one of my ancient maples had come down (last week) and not the van fire had scorched my Linden tree. Plus we just bought a new car last November because our other car had died, plus I have just finished paying the hefty deductible on a complete engine rebuild for the tractor after a rollover.

ANGER: Despondancy turned to anger when I did some research and found that Ford vans and trucks of this vintage (1999 - 2005 models) have had loads of problems with bursting into flames - problems that Ford is ignoring or pretending are unrelated to their mechanical specs. As a former reporter, I know I should further investigate these claims and not just repeat what everyone (and the internet) is telling me. And I will. But there is a solid body of evidence suggesting that Ford is aware of these issues and are not taking responsibility, and that makes me angry. We could have lost the house if Andrew wasn't such a quick thinker.

SAD: But when I looked at my beautiful trees, I could only be sad. I hope they survive, and think they will.

WIRED: Following all that we had to find anotehr car. Fact: I hate car shopping. I have no interest in it at all. But I was on edge because we need a second car. I let Andrew deal with it, my part in the whole thing consisting of showing up to pay since Andrew's bank cards (not to mention wallet, ID, IPod and Tilley Hat) were all in the van when it burned. It was a fingernail tapping week, waiting for things to be sorted out.

UNFOCUSED: Of course, finally on Thursday, they were. Andrew is now the proud owner of a VW Golf, and I have slowly started to let out the breath I've been holding. I'm tired and unfocused and feel a bit hazy. But it's over, the weekend is here, and next week will be better.


Leanne Haines said...

That is an awful week! So sorry, Denise! I hope next week is better for you! Enjoy your weekend!

Finola said...

Ugh, so sorry all of that happened. It's so stressful when the week is rerailed like that. And I was especially sorry not to get to meet you at BOLO :(
I'm not sure if you read the Stay at Home Maven, but she had a van fire recently a tire though I believe.

Laura said...

I hope things are better for you this week Denise. :)

Steve & Cyndi said...

WOW.....I hopeyou have a better week THIS week!!!!!