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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Inch by Inch

Planting is done for another year. It's an arduous task to get everything in - the chard, the carrots, onion sets and potatoes, tomato plants and sweet peas, broccoli and cabbage. The herbs, the salad, the garlic, the hops, the corn. Tilling, planting, hoing, trellising and mulching. Usually in weather that is either too hot and sticky, or too cold, with black flies or mosquitoes and often both buzzing around like you are an all-you-can-eat buffet.

An arduous task. But a rewarding one. 

Sowing seeds and picking stones

Man is made of dreams and bones
Feel the need to grow my own
Cause the time is close at hand
Grain by grain, sun and rain
Find my way in nature's chain
Fuel my body and my brain
To the music of the land

Inch by inch, row by row
Gonna make this garden grow
All it takes is a rake and a hoe
And a piece of fertile ground
Inch by inch, row by row
Someone bless these seeds I sow
Someone warm them from below
Till the rains come tumbling down

Plant your rows straight and long
Temper them with prayer and song
Mother Earth she'll keep you strong
If you give her love and care
Old crow watching hungrily
From his perch in yonder tree
In my garden I'm as free
As that feathered thief up there

And sitting back watching it all grow...That feels really good!


cbmamainnf said...

We are in the process too. We can not plant a lot until this week- too much chance for frost) so I have seedlings sitting in my kitchen. I plant tomatoes, snow peas, turnip, greens, strawberries,pumpkins and peppers. YUM. I love the fall when the kids can runin the back yard and "pick" the veggie they want with supper- and funny they eat them quicker than anything I could buy!!!!

I am jealous of the space you have- but I also know that in the city we are lucky to have the room to grow a smattering of veggies- and that as the kids get older I can sacrifice the play yard for more space.....

The Mindful Merchant said...

Oh I would LOVE to have a garden like yours Denise. I bet your kids are great vegetable eaters. Do you have to put a fence around to protect it from rabbits and other hungry little critters?

Finola said...

I am so impressed by everything you have planted. I am not a gardener at all, but I really wish I was and that I could enjoy doing it. It's just not me, but I so love seeing other people enjoying it. Can't wait to see what comes out of the garden!