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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Golden Girl In The Sunlight

April was National Poetry Month and being the kind of Mom I am I made the kids study poetry. I wrote about Grace's poem (Daffodils) and Erik's (Charge of the Light Brigade), but not about Anna's.

There was a reason. Anna read both The Lady of Shallot (Tennyson) and  The Highwayman (Noyes). But I was holding off because I was awaiting the results of a poetry competition.

Back last summer, Anna wrote a poem which she subsequently entered in a nationwide competition. She was shortlisted earlier this year for publication, and in mid May the award winners were announced. Anna got third prize for her poem Golden Girl in the Sunlight. We received a free copy of the book (Over The Moon) and she also got a cheque. The excitement around here was pretty high as is always should be on seeing your name in print for the first time.

And though I won't quote the poem here for copyright reasons, I thought it much more appropriate that Anna's contribution to National Poetry Month be something she had done herself.

Anna, you're my Golden Girl.


Julie said...

Big Congratulations to Anna.
That is terrific, and it is really exciting to see your name in print. You should make certian it makes the local paper also for that big an accomplishment.

Laura said...

Wow. Congratulations Anna! Very impressed.

Leanne Haines said...

So exciting! What a wonderful memory, and such an encouragement for her to continue writing! Who would have guessed your kids would be good writers? ;)