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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

"I wanna talk about me..."

That's the title of a country song (I think by Toby Keith) in which the singer says he loves to talk about "you you you you usually, but occasionally, I wanna talk about me..." Switch his girlfriend for the kids, the pets, the farm and all the animals and, well, I talk about you you you you a lot. But yesterday was my 40th birthday so today I'm going to talk about me, and some of the things I'm doing.
  1. I work in a corporate office and my job includes business innovations, marketing, and the environment.
  2. I probably should get an MBA but I don't want to, so I muddle along with my MA and wonder how studying Canadian Literature got me here.
  3. I am a writer and editor as well. Editing is freelance and very part time though I have a regular gig which I love. Writing is daily and is very diverse from poetry to short stories to full-length novels.
  4. I belong to a book club that sometimes even discusses books; a philosophy dinner club that solves universal problems over gourmet food; and a writer's group that tells me all the things I need to do to improve a manuscript before sending it to an agent. All great people.
  5. I read. A lot.
  6. I haven't watched television in over 20 years. I've never seen Seinfeld, Survivor, Lost, or Sex and the City. The only time I miss having TV is when the World Cup soccer is on.
  7. I'm an amateur historian (medieval Europe is my specialty).
  8. I live in an ancient farmhouse and despite the inconveniences, I love it: it's the way the sunlight plays on the pine floors in the late afternoon, and the way the breeze blows the smell of linden blossoms across the porch in summer.
  9. I am a free-range mom and think society coddles kids too much.
  10. I love cooking and hate cleaning.
  11. I do Yoga every morning. I run. I do weight training. My motto is that exercise has to fit into 15 minute time slots or I won't do it. I could do better, but lack motivation.
  12. Actually, lists bore me. I don't think a litany of activities tell the true story of a person. If you want to get to know me better, invite me over. I drink shiraz. 


The Mindful Merchant said...

Happy 40th!

Denise Nielsen said...

Thanks, Laura.

Leanne Haines said...

I'd love to invite you over! Unfortunately, in three weeks I'll live just about the same distance away from you -- in the opposite direction! Loved the list even though I already knew most of it. I could add a few things that would round it out a bit, but we'll just leave those things unsaid... ;)