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Monday, February 8, 2010

Engineer in Training?

When Erik was in Junior Kindergarten, his teacher was concerned about his fine motor skills because he had difficulty writing and colouring.

I wasn't all that concerned because he was so good at building lego, mastering with ease kits meant for older children.

Six years on and his writing and colouring are still far from perfect. Not because of fine motor skills, but because he has zero interest in writing and colouring.

His interests lie elsewhere.

Have you ever tried building these things? I give up in the first five minutes, overwhelmed by the sheer number of tiny blocks, gears and mechanical parts required to make these intricate working vehicles and spaceships.

But not Erik. The only time I've ever seen him stuck was when the part they sent was flawed and Andrew had to engineer it to fit.

He's just joined a Robotics club at school marrying the building of lego with computer controlled robots, and as I watch him take his hobby to the next level, I am just amazed.

He doesn't get that gene from me!


Leanne Haines said...

Connor and Erik would get along well -- Lego is a huge favourite!

Denise Nielsen said...

I figured!