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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Old Christmas Card

There's an old Christmas card
In an old dusty trunk
And it brings back sweet memories
Dear to me...
- Jim Reeves -

I'm not one of those people who starts to celebrate Christmas in November. My mother (who puts her tree up Nov 30, and this year managed to sneak it up a week earlier than that) berates me for it with such ammunition as "Your brother will have his tree up by now," but I happily ignore it all beacause for me it is enough to celebrate Christmas for the whole of December.
My tree goes up around the 6-10 of December, and the decorations inside and out at the same time.
I even prefer to Christmas shop in December, although I do online ordering in November to ensure delivery, and I like to have a list drawn up as completely as possible.

But the one thing Christmassy that I do love to do in November is Christmas Cards. I love the tradition of sending cards to old friends and new. The children and I make some for family as well, and have a great time being creative and witty with them where possible.

I don't do Christmas letters any more, but I do make sure to handwrite a small note in each card, particularly to those people I don't keep in touch with regularly through the year, but who it is nonetheless nice to keep in touch with at Christmas.

My cards are ready to go now. I just have to pop them in the mail. Now it feels like Christmas is around the corner.
Another week or so and I may even let the kids sing Christmas songs!
Below are some of the farm-related cards we've made in past years;
1. This is our bull, Hughie.

2. This is our llama and a couple of sheep.

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