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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We are all busy. Life is busy. Especially life with young children. But my friend Melissa shared with us one of the things she's been doing recently to put herself in the moment.


She claims it grounds her, makes her aware of a small moment in time, and I was so inspired I could hardly wait to try it.

She told us at a book club meeting, and when I got home to find my husband fast asleep (well, it was almost midnight), I immediately composed my first of a series.

He sleeps in darkness
Awaiting the late return
Of me, his sweetheart.

That felt good. Creative even. And simple (which is the true beauty of Haiku). I tried it again on the weekend, putting aside my book to watch the kids jumping in a pile of raked leaves

Coppery leaves snap
Voices echo on the wind
Racing, laughing joy

And thought I'd make one up for school council tonight:

Parents heed the call
Look to what the future brings
To our children's school

And finally, a haiku about the power of haiku, and what it means to me:

Timeless moment caught
And gilded like a frozen
Snowflake in a frame

It's addictive, actually. And simple but not easy to find the right words. But Melissa was right - it does make you aware of the moment, and I really liked that.

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