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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


I noticed tonight, as I'm upstairs running a hot bath filled with perfumed bubbles to take away the stress of a long day at work, and chasing lazy cats off my work jacket  which I stupidly left on the bed this morning, and listening to jazz, which my rather fantastic DH left playing--along with a plate chicken and a tossed salad he made for my dinner before stoking the fire and taking kids into Montreal for scouts--I noticed the girls' bedroom doors.

They have white boards which often have things like "Grace's Room....Enter at your Peril" written, or more sweetly, a stirring quote frm a novel (The Hobbit has featured more than once). But tonight, something made me look closer,

Both girls recently achieved their black belts in karate. A proud moment to be sure, and my youngest, 11-year-old Grace has this:

My heart swelled. So happy for her.

My middle child and oldest daughter, Anna, aged 13, eschewed black belt pride for more important matters: the return of her favourite soccer team...and in particular one handsome inspirational goaltender.

They made me laugh. The day was better even before the bubble bath.


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