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Saturday, December 6, 2014


Move over, literary crushes (see )

There are a couple of new guys in my life.


William Murdoch is not my type. I usually go for the broody or the cavalier (think Aragorn or Han Solo), and this guy is way too clean cut, too fastidious, too cautious for me. Or so I'd have thought. And yet, I am utterly hooked on Murdoch Mysteries, and can't get enough of him. I think it's his brilliance. I really like intelligent men. And Murdoch is one helluva intelligent man. 

Funnily enough, I'm a fan of Murdoch, not the actor who plays him. In fact I was disappointed to discover that actor Yannick Bisson lives in a modern house with stainless steel appliances...the very antithesis of William Murdoch. How can that be? 

In complete contrast is this next guy. The broody one. The one whose film and television roles play second fiddle to the actor himself. Though I've admired the actor for some years since first seeing him in The Hobbit, I never thought much beyond He'd be great as Richard III. That is until a few weekends ago when the kids and Andrew were away and I watched a decade old British TV miniseries in which he starred. 

Richard Armitage

No doubt his most famous role is Thorin Oakenshield, the Dwarven King who leads the quest for gold. 

I loved the character of Thorin. Dark. Complex. Strong. Compelling.

And then in North and South I met John Thornton. Dark, Complex, Strong. Compelling.

And about then, I researched Richard Armitage himself. And he too is like that. Dark, Complex, Strong. Compelling. Also intelligent.

Irresistible really, that combination.

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