View From The Glen

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Arrived in time for sunset on the west coast. Kids loving the "nfld a/c" (open coastal window) and lack of Mosquitos. Some discussion about spending July up here every year.

Every time I turn around the girls are hurtling towards a rocky shoreline. 

Wildflowers on the windowsills, windows overlooking waving grasses, lupins, daisies, before rolling down to the ocean.

Boiled eggs on homemade bread left by our landlady, Sheila. Her husband Chris already offering fishing tours for cod. Lovely couple. 

Love the floors in this small cottage by the sea. Shades of wood.

Iceberg on horizon and whales in the bay. We spent ages watching the telltale water up spouts that preceded the breaking of the surface 

Went up to Bonavista. Thrilled to see a trio of humpbacks fluking, breaching and spy hopping in the bay below. We watched for ages.

And puffins. A nesting colony on a rocky fluffy island. Puffins flying everywhere with their short stocky wings.


Funny deck chair and a book (February) and Fogarty's Cove playing  as I read overlooking the sparkling white capped bay.  This is by far the most tranquil day of our vacation.

Reading February by Lisa Moore. Haunting.

Driftwood campfire on the slate and pebbled beach at sunset. Wonderful. Topped by another whale sighting.....a leisurely swim up through the bay at dusk.

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