View From The Glen

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Solstice...the shortest day of the year....marks the real start of the festivities of the season in my world. It's dreadful weather out with freezing rain on top of all the snow we had yesterday, but that can't dampen our spirits. With my last day of work for two weeks behind me, I spent today relaxing. We would have gone outside if the freezing rain had held off....I fancied a day cross-country skiing....but settled for inside decorating, cookie baking, and enjoying the pagan feel of Yule. 

With the hearth fire blazing, the new wine from Vintages uncorked, and my family all gathered warm and visa and safe, it feels like the perfect day. 

Light the candles, bring in the greenery, and feast together, for,  "if Winter comes, can Spring be far behind." And since the answer to that in this northern country is "yes," then let us celebrate the gorgeous serenity of Winter. 

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