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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

10 Minutes

I don't get around much to blogging these days. I think its's because, although theoretically I  have less work every day, the structure of it is different. I am out of the house at 8 am every morning, and often detour to pick the children up from after-school activities at 5 on my way back home. At work, I am happily, blissfully busy...certainly no need to "find" things to do as a Professor - there is a steady stream of students and meetings and marking and class prep that I stuff into my day with any extra brought home for a Saturday afternoon or the occasional evening. It's a balance I am still working on as I  try to avoid bringing work home every day.

When I was blogging regularly, it would be this time of day. Morning. With the children off on the bus, the light streaming through the kitchen window, and the fire (this time of year) cloaking the house in the kind of pleasant warm a radiator never can quite manage.

When I woke this morning, it was to a heavy headache and a shortness of breath that made me think I'm getting  a cold. Lovely! I did what any sane person would do....I hit snooze. Twice. Then turned the alarm off altogether. Once, that would have meant a race to get the kids ready at the last minute, but one major benefit of them being 13, 12 and 10 now is that they are organized, self motivated, and best of all make their own lunches. So at 7:55 when I finally crawled downstairs, they were ready to go.

The crisp air revived me and by the time we gathered the recycling and made the bus I was feeling human again. One of the benefits of my job is that my hours are flexible as long as I am in the classroom on schedule. I rarely take advantage of that, preferring to get my work done at work when I can. But this morning, I don't teach until 1030 and so here I am sipping coffee, and enjoying the clear air, the spectacular late November view out the window, and the luxury of having 10 minutes to blog.

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