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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom Enough

My kids (ages 12, 10, 9) are all of the following:

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Thoughtful
  • Considerate
  • Compassionate
  • Confident
  • Adventurous
  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Polite
  • Tough
  • Able to stand up for themselves
  • Fit
  • Laughing, crazy, fun-loving machines
Regardless of whether I embraced attachment parenting or not, whether I breast fed or not, whether I taught them to ride bikes or not, whether I worked or not, whether I fed them only organic vegetables or not, whether I let them play video games or not, whether I read them Tolstoy while they were still in the womb or not...all those things, it seems, have little to do with the outcome.

I loved them. Am I mom enough? You betcha. 

Take that Time Magazine.

PS: Wasn't going to get into the fray, really, truly was not. But ya know, I get so so SO tired of moms being pitted against each other for the choices we all make. There are more important things to worry about than whether my neighbour co-sleeps with her child or not.

PPS: Happy Mother's Day to all the awesome moms out there raising awesome kids.


Tweepwife said...

You expressed exactly how I'm feeling. I didn't want to give this cover any more play than it already has, but at the same time I wanted to yell, I bottle fed, slept them in their own cribs down the hall, worked a few days a week, and took them to McDonalds. But they are almost seventeen and nineteen and they rock! And they love me when they don't dislike me. And I adore them.

Lisa said...

Happy Mother's Day to you! Big mom-to-supportive-non-judgy-mom high fives all around! :)

Leanne Haines said...

Amen to all of it! I'm thinking of my friend whose children are 3 and 5 and waiting in an orphanage in the Congo for their American parents to come and meet them and bring them home. I'm sure they were given none of the things that most parenting books recommend, but believe me, they are LOVED! And I'm sure they will flourish in their new home. Your kids are amazing, and I know that loving them to pieces is the very best thing any mom can do.

Eileen said...

Don't worry about trying to follow the advice of the current crop of child-raising "experts".

Next year there'll be another bunch of "experts" contradicting what this year's "experts" are saying and promoting their new and improved methods.

Sasha said...

YES! Enough already :)