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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Luck of the Irish

Bit bright this background, isn't it. One day only...well, probably two because I will procrastinate. It's for St. Patrick, and all things green. Except beer - we don't do that around here. Leprechauns did however turn the milk a rather putrid shade this morning. Green cereal looks disgusting, but the kids ate it anyway.

Not much to say. But that is a lie. I have lots to say- too much really - but no time to say any of it. If you could see the number of ideas I have for posts...another time, another story.

I am hosting a St Patrick's party tonight. Irish food and beer, maritime music, lots of friends standing around the kitchen. That sort of thing. I haven't hosted a real "planned" party for a long time (though we often seem to host spur of the moment ones), so I am excited about this one and actually have to head into the kitchen shortly to make some food for it. My excitement has nothing to do with my Irish heritage (As my mother used to say, we are descended from the Kings or Ireland...a nod to my maternal great grandparents, the Kings), or my love of loud Irish songs, but more to do with memories of many wonderful St Patrick's Day celebrations at maritime pubs, where the 17th was always, firstly, about friendship.

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Eileen said...

From a Dubliner to a Maritimer, Happy St. Patrick's Day. I hope your party is a roaring success.