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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Voter Undecided

I voted. Of course I did. But it was not easy. I am feeling jaded and cynical these days about politicians and voting and governement, and there were days leading up to this Ontario election when, frankly, I really felt I couldn't be bothered to vote. Apathy and futility raised their ugly heads.

I had the discussion with some of my critical thinking students way back at the start of the semester. One particularly bright student made an articulate and impassioned argument for not voting at all, and that got me thinking. I vote because I feel it's my duty, but really it's just my right. Just as it's my right to reject voting. For lots and lots of reasons I do vote, and I encourage my kids to follow election issues and discuss politics as well. I put on a good face. But underneath I am tired.

Tired of voting not for the person who inspires me, but for the person who least offends me. Tired of voting not for the party who represents the interests of my family best, but for the party who appears to have done the least damage recently. Tired of voting for all the wrong reasons.


Julie said...

As you, my friend, are well aware I have always had some political opinions but have grown very weary of all the negativity and lack of progress. Can't watch the children bicker for days on end and feel that the way the politicos act is very immature and not in anyone's best interests. So, yes, Apathy is the way to feel by the end of a campaign but still vote for the lessor of evils, as at least you have had your small input in the result. Whether any of us wish to take credit for it or not :)

Finola said...

I voted, but I actually liked the candidate in our area, so I didn't even have to hold my nose!

I do wonder about voting vs spoiling a ballot vs not voting. I was always taught that it was better to go and spoil your ballot than to not vote. But at the end of the election, you hear all about the low voter turnout and apathy, but never hear anything about spoiled ballots.

If I wanted a protest vote, I would stay home that day.

Coleen Kwan said...

Here in Australia voting is compulsory. I think it's a good system, and most people don't seem to object.

4meaneys said...

We vote tomorrow for our provincial government- and I feel the same.....sigh

Laura said...

I feel the same way. My children always ask me who I'm voting for and why...this year I dodged that question because I didn't have a good response. Not good.