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Friday, June 10, 2011

Angry Birds

I am one of those people who hides all game updates on facebook. I don't care about farmville, or wheel of fortune, or mafia wars, or angry birds...

Then this week I realised that I have my very own version of angry birds right here.

A couple of weeks ago I was out in my rhubarb patch collecting stalks for a cake and with a startling, chirping whoosh, this little lady flew past me, sat on the nearby current bush, and proceeded to shout at me.

As I cut the rhubarb, I realised why. She had a nest of eggs in there. For the past few weeks, evertime I have gone to get rhubarb, she's been there telling me off, and I've been cautiously picking rhubarb that doesn't disturb her nest.

Hey, it's my rhubarb!

Then there is my starling. She is nesting in the rafters between the new veranda and the roofline, where it is not quite finished. And every time I go out the front door, there's a flutter of panicked wings and she brushes past me to sit on a telephone wire and hurl insults at me.

What are you doing? Get away from my nest.

Hmmph. It's my veranda!

There are a couple of fighting robins too. As I sit outside in the afternoon with my coffee, watching Mamma Starling bring food to her young (who get louder each day - mom, mom, mom, mom - just like kids), the robins dance and squawk and chase and squawk and fight each other in flight and on the trees. So much for the peaceful countryside.

And this morning, my angry rhubarb nesting bird got even grumpier, flying at Anna and Grace whenever they got too close to the rhubarb.

The reason...

See those little guys in there...

Angry birds, indeed.

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