View From The Glen

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Where there should be fields, there are lakes.

Where there was a merrily burning wood stove, there are ashes.

Where there was ice and snow, there are patches of grass and pavement.

Where there were clean floors, there are muddy tracks and doggy footprints.

We are in Transition. Winter is bowing out, none too gracefully.

It's messy and soggy and damp and grubby.

But we love it.

Spring is coming.


Julie said...

Spring, oh glorious spring. My mood is so improved since the mountains of snow started melting 10 days ago. Love seeing the tops of the plants in the garden and the not so green lawn popping through. The dog loves it too, takes a long time sniffing as things are uncovered.

Finola said...

I just love this time of year despite the muck. I get such a feeling of freedom and hope as the warm air returns. I will gladly slosh through the puddles without complaint for these few weeks.

coffee with julie said...

It can't come quick enough! Even the mud smells good!