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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Winter Camp

Last weekend, the kids and Andrew went camping with the Cubs.

It was their first winter camping experience, and they had a great time. They built a lean-to with sticks lashed together and covered it with a tarp. And crawled into winter sleeping bags for the night.

I was so impressed they all made it.

Erik is a senior cub. He and the other senior cubs made their own lean to and slept on their own. You can no doubt imagine what four 10-year old boys did on their own. Apparently when the leaders investigated a gale of giggles from their lean to, they found four boys experimenting with, um, bodily gases, and how they warm up the inside of a sleeping bag at minus 15 degrees.


Anna and Grace and some of the other cubs slept with two of the leaders in another lean to. The youngest cubs mostly slept inside a nearby cabin , but Grace (who is actually still Beaver aged, and only gets to be in Cubs because her dad is the leader) was tough enough to brazen it out in the great outdoors.

It was Anna I was concerned about. Not because she isn't tough, but because she is always cold. Even at home. While Grace and Erik kick off all their covers in the night, Anna huddles under two duvets with a hot water bottle.. But she was fine too. Warm enough in fact that she stuck her arm out in the morning and said it felt good. Apparently their sleeping bags were warm enough.

The worst part, they all agreed, was getting in and out of the sleeping bags. Andrew said they looked at him like he was mad when he told them they had to get their outer clothes off before getting into their sleeping bags. And Anna asked if she could be carried in her sleeping bag to the cabin in the morning to get dressed. (The answer was a snort of derisive laughter from her father!)

They came home after two days of living outdoors very proud of themselves. And Erik still laughs when he tells the, um, bodily gas story. What can I say? He's 10.

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Leanne Haines said...

That's awesome! What a great memory for them! Those are hardy kids you've got there -- they obviously get it from their dad... :P