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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Nice Stuff

Have you noticed, said Erik to me, that Dad always does nice stuff for you and leaves the horrid stuff for himself? Like he always parks your car in the garage even though he's the one who gets up at 4:30 and has to scrape his car before he goes to work. AND he always brings you coffee. AND he's the one who has to get rid of dead mice and birds in the chimney, and other yucky stuff.

Yeah, I'd noticed.

Erik is taking a page out of his dad's book. He will ask me if he can get me a glass of wine on Friday night. He starts my car and warms it up for me every school day. He gets wood from the basement every morning and every evening, and is proud of having that job.

And I wonder, will he make some lucky girl a wonderful husband one of these days because of this? Or will he get to the point where he thinks Warm your own car up! Get your own wine! and be the exact opposite of the caring, loving, supportive guy he is growing into.


Capital Mom said...

I think he will see it through. He sounds like a good kid that one.

Leanne Haines said...

No way! He's going to stick with what he see in the good man modeled before him! Isn't it great to see our boys turning into the men we dreamed of finding all those years ago? And isn't it wonderful that we found those men so they could be great fathers to great boys? I firmly believe that kids behaviour is a reflection of what they see lived out in their home. Congratulations to you and Andrew on a job done well!

Laura said...

Sounds like he is going to be just like his Papa. How wonderful! :)

Finola said...

What a fabulous boy! Can we introduce himn to my daughter one day?

Kym said...

Lucky you! I'm sure he'll stick with it :)
I always blame my husband for my laziness, he's such an enabler doing all these nice things for me :P Hoepfully my daughter follows suit.

Anonymous said...

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