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Monday, December 6, 2010

Ocular Migraine

Last week, sitting at my computer in the office, jagged shards of light started to flicker across my line of sight.

It has happened once before, about 18 months ago, at which time I rushed myself to emerg, sure I was having a stroke, only to be told I was having a migraine. A migraine with an aura (someone once told me I had an auro. I dissed them, but it turns out I do after all). The hospital did sent me for cat scans to be sure, but the lights went away, there was no pain, and life returned to normal.

Until last Friday. Of course, I was less worried this time. Oh, I thought. It's one of those migraines. And it's not like I can complain - I get no pain with them, like so many migraine sufferers. And two in 18 months hardly constitutes something to worry about, even to a hypochondriac like myself.

Naturally, I googled it. I found out that it can also be called Alice in Wonderland syndrome, the thought being that Lewis Carroll suffered the same thing and that the flashing lights inspired Alice. I'm cool with that.

I also read up on what causes them, and discovered that possible triggers include caffeine, chocolate, aged cheese, rich meat and red wine.

But if I cut them out of my diet, what will I eat?

Think I'll take the migraine.

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Laura said...

I have not experienced that kind of migraine. It sounds awful Denise. :(

(I love the snow flake banner atop your blog. Festive!)