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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Week Of School - And All Is Well

That sigh you hear…? It's the collected sigh of relief from parents everywhere as their children return to school, as they mingle with old friends and new, as they get used to new teachers and new routines, as the dust settles on the first week of classes.

A sigh of relief not just because a return to school means a return to a routine (a routine that us parents become very good at over the years), and not just because for us working moms we now get a reprieve from the summer expense of child care. But also a sigh of relief because the first week is so fraught with concerns and worries – all little, but as a parent, you can't help but enlarge them. Will he be okay on the bus? Will he make new friends? Is she going to like her teacher? Will she eat her lunch?

A friend of mine was upset because her daughter and son had been put in the same split grade; another friend whose daughter started kindergarten was worried because she wouldn't know any of the other kids; the mother of one of Erik's friend's confided that she was concerned her son will have a hard time adjusting after a summer of fun.

Oh yeah. Been there. And I'd like to say now that my three are in grades 5, 4 and 2 that I've stopped listening to those niggling doubts and worries. But I haven't. I still wonder if Anna will mind that she is in a different class from her friend. Or if Erik will be more assertive this year. Or if Grace will make a special friend of her own instead of always hanging out with her sister.

But while I can't stop my brain from thinking this stuff up, I know from experience that I am making it bigger than it needs to be, and that in the end there is one over-riding truth. The kids will be all right. No matter what gets thrown at them, what obstacles get in their way, or what concerns I may have, they will adapt and they will succeed.

All is well.


Steve & Cyndi said...

You are so right Denise-
Last year Erin did not get in class with ANY of her friends.....she was devastated. This year- she is not in class with the two friends she made last year ( but IS in with some of her CLOSE friends) she is upset again- and will not remember being upset at all. In a week it will blow over. Ryan is in class with all but two close friends and is very happy - he knows he will still be friends with these two it is not a huge deal. There is so much drama the first week - but I will walk up and get them today after their first day and they will be content and forget they ever had a summer vacation LOL

Leanne Haines said...

I love summer, but I love the routine that fall brings. This first week is always full of anxiety and anticipation, and for me a bit of nostalgia since I'm wishing a bit that I had my own classroom on this first week of school. I look forward to next week, when we've all fallen into our routines and life takes on a hue of normalcy. Boring, I know, but with kids, life is never boring, is it?

Jana @ An Attitude Adjustment said...

I'm with you! This starts early--my son started preschool today and I was a little worried, but moreso, relieved. We needed some away time. I hope I can keep a good perspective as he grows older and enters the upper grades.

Laura said...

I know you are right Denise - but boy, do I worry! Just today I realized I started to ridiculous because I know it will all work out for the kids, and school will be fine. I take comfort that at least I wasn't one of the parents hiding in the bushes or peeking in the windows. I like to think my anxiety is well hidden. lol

Finola said...

I still worry a lot too. I think I may have been even happier than my daughter was when her favourite friend ended up in her class this year. A good teacher and good kids in the class can make or break a year.
We just had meet the teacher tonight, and both my daughters are happy and enjoying this school year, and I couldn't be more relieved!