View From The Glen

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Long Weekend


Steve & Cyndi said...

That family picture is gorgeous Denise!!! Looks like you had great weather....alas down here it is still chance of flurries - but we will go camping anyway.

The kids are getting SO big!! Anna looks so much like you!! ( I bet you hear that all the time) Too bad we live so far away- I think our kids would have a blast!

Denise Nielsen said...

Flurries. Noooooo.

It would be great to go camping with you guys. One of these days we'll visit the rock and do just that.

Yes I get that all the time about Anna. And tehy are getting big. Erik takes my sneakers and his dad's hat when he can't find his these days.

Steve & Cyndi said...

WOw- you know they are geting big when your shoes wil not fit them- one of Ryan's friends ( 8 years old) wears a bigger shoe size than me........sad really

Anonymous said...

What a happy good looking crew! Looks like the weekend was full of happy family moments.