View From The Glen

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I may need to get a television after all.

The poor children are so deprived that the height of entertainment for them is watching me slice carrots in the food processor.

Can we slice some more carrots next week, Mom? Pleeee...ase! This was an actual quote from Erik over the weekend.

Of course we can, my darlings. And maybe, for a real thrill, we could shred some cabbage too.


cbmamainnf said...

Was it in pure sarcasm or seriousness?

We acually are seriously considering getting rid of cable- TV is horrible these days. The only reason we keep it now is that Steve and Ryan LOVE nature documentaries- and if we gave up cable we would not be able to get them.

I have to admit I have a passion for the show Mantracker on OLN- it os pretty good, but I do not know how people find the time to sut and watch TV all day- I would never get anything done!!!!!!

I love your collage photo by the way- it is gorgeous!!

Denise Nielsen said...

Yeah - We've never had TV - I think it's going on 20 years for me now. Andrew misses football so we will opcassionally catch a game at a local pub (or his Dad's house). We do have an actual TV - but hust for movies on Friday nights.

The collage photo is through

Laura said...

Don't do it Denise! This year we had to unplug it. The kids were spending too much time in front of it. (and I was too at night when I should have been going to bed at a better time) Cabbage sounds very exciting! lol