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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Chocolate Book Club

As I've mentioned before, our book club is a bit unorthodox. we don't always, for example, talk about books, though we always have a book or two we are all supposed to have read and for which we are, ostensibly, meeting.

And this month was no exception. However, in our defense, we were distracted by a good cause.

This. (Cake 3)                                     

And this. (Cake 2)

And oh yum, this. (Cake 1)

It was Melissa's birthday so she got to do the blind taste test, fork-fed by Yasmin.

Cake 1 was "light, fluffy, a bit Duncan Hines-y." Definitely looked the best though with a smooth glaze and sweet peas cascading down the side.

Cake 2 was "dark, dense, chocolately - and I can taste the sparkles on the top."

Cake 3 had "the best combination of cake and filling and icing."

The verdict: Cake 2 (by Yasmine) was the winner, followed very closely by Cake 3 (by yours truly).

Cake 1 (Becky, in the midst of moving house, purchased this one from a quality baker) didn't fare so well.

Having said that, chocolate is always good, and we were happy to enjoy a piece of each, and take the rest home to grateful families.

Happy birthday, Melissa.

(Sorry, what book did we discuss again?)                                                       

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