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Monday, February 2, 2009

Visit from Michelle

We had a great weekend having my sister and her family visit with their kids (2, and one on the way - take that Mr. Porritt!). Grace was away at her grandmothers - skating on the canal and camping out at the cottage - but Anna and Naomi played happily, and little Rhys (14 months now) ran madly around happy as always. I would have taken pictures, but the spare batteries I bought because I knew mine were almost spent ended up in Erik's light sabre. Who taught him to change batteries, anyway?

Michelle, as usual, looks great. Pregnancy is agreeing with her, and we spend some time discussing potential names.

(Sorry, Stephen, I really can't say Durfel is growing on me. I've tried, I really have.)

Stephen also likes Duncan, which I also really, really like, but as they already call Rhys "pieces" (as in Reece's Pieces), Andrew helpfully pointed out that they'd end up with Rhys's Pieces, Duncan Donuts and Naomi Bar. So not Duncan then.

So it was a great weekend with food and wine (being forced to drink Michelle's share was tough...), and the first of the new baby lambs, which is always such a great moment.

Naomi named him Jeremy. The lamb, that is.

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