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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Medieval Wedding

My sister had her medieval wedding this past weekend and it was amazing. Perhaps I told her too many knight stories when she was younger, but she has always said she’d have a medieval theme, and she pulled it off beautifully, right down to the minister in monk’s cowl, medieval vows, and the inclusion of a handfasting ceremony. It was busy for our whole family – my two daughters were medieval flower girls, my son was a knight who had to guard the rings with his sword, I was Matron of Honour, and even my husband was dragged in to MC the whole event – looking splendid and rugged in his kilt I might add.

All the guests managed to show up in some sort of period costume, the rain held off, and the reception went without a hitch. I thought we were in for some trouble when my youngest daughter started scowling after dinner, but the music began and the band played her favourite song – Fly Me To the Moon – and the next thing you know she and her sister were up on the dance floor (dragging any unsuspecting uncles, as well as their dad and grandfather with them) for the rest of the night.

According to my sister, my hairdo made me look like Princess Leia. At least she didn't say Chewbacca.

Congratulations Lord Stephen and Lady Michelle! (The adorable little boy is their son, who along with his two cousins and a toy dragon, came down the aisle in a wagon pulled by two of his cousins, and insisted on sitting on his mom's knee for dinner.)

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